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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016: The Year in Review

Well, looking back at my Knitting Goals post for 2016, it's safe to say that the year was a complete failure. BUT I don't really believe in failure as a concept, and I'm super thrilled with everything I got done this year, so TAKE THAT, OVERLY-AMBITIOUS PAST KAT!

We'll start with the designs from this year. There were only four, but I really do love all of them, and I'm definitely okay with releasing fewer patterns that I really love instead of working myself ragged trying to fill some self-imposed quota. I did want to design more garments this year, and while I only got one done, it's one I'm really proud of, and it took up a big chunk of the year for me.

I definitely focused way more on garments this year than I have in years past, and I'm so stoked about that! I love making clothes and embracing the challenges and joys of knitting garments. I knit thirteen adult-sized garments plus three little baby sweaters, and I really enjoyed each one!

 Sock-wise, I'm on par with years past. I got three pairs done (four if you count Foot Ovens, which haven't been blogged yet), and while I do love them all, I wish I had more. I've been having some trouble with my hands and fine gauges, so hopefully I'll figure out a balance in the new year to keep my fingers and wrist happy and my feet warm.

2016 was also the year of the KAL for me! I had a blast participating in several KALs, and I finished an incredible nine KAL projects this year (and number ten is halfway done, but won't wrap up until January). I talked earlier in the year about feeling intimidated in KALs, but I've really had a blast, and I definitely plan to keep KALing my little heart out.

As far as accessories go, I wasn't as crazy this year. I knit three hats (one as a gift), nine cowls (one as a gift, four as pattern samples), one shawl (as a gift), and two pairs of mitts (both as gifts). Of the thirty-seven knits I finished this year, twelve were gifts, which is definitely more generous than I've been with my knitting in years past, so maybe I'm growing as a person (no, I'm still super selfish).

I'm super proud of what I accomplished in 2016, and I really love all my knits from this year. As of right now I'm refraining from making knitting goals for 2017-if there's anything the past year has taught me, it's that I have no clue what's going to happen, what KALs are going to catch my eye, if I'm going to get sick and slow way down on knitting for four months-so much is up in the air, and I'd much rather take each day as it comes than feel beholden to goals set by my past self!

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  1. you don't mention what your hand problems are with socks, but I think you might want to try different needles. I find that square shaped dp needles do help my fingers when I knit socks. and I always have at least one pair of socks on the needles.

  2. Okay, 37 knits is way past what I can accomplish in a year. Amazing. They are all quite pretty too. Congrats on the 4 patterns that you designed. I find that hats on circular needles bother my hands also, and my hand doctor just says to work in moderation. It is frustrating sometimes, but it means that I have to have a variety of projects in the works at all times. Happy New Year.

  3. I wish I could fail this way - this year hardly looks like a failure to me! You've accomplished so much. Here's to once again being overly ambitious in 2017!

  4. Holy cow, 37 (!!!!) knits is incredible and it still didn't live up to your 2016 goals? :D Incredibly, you are such a fast knitter my brain can't even compute..

  5. I'm super impressed with all that you accomplished in 2016, so many great knits! And designing garments takes waaay more time and focus than accessories, so producing one great garment pattern is amazing! Here's to another great year of crafting in 2017.

  6. Incredibly impressive knit list this year Kat! I love love love all your sweaters and seeing how you rock them with your different outfits. Looking forward to watching 2017 through your lens! Keep rockin'!