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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Finished Shawl, With Love

Another finished project! Once again, this has been finished for nearly a month-it took a couple weeks for me to block it, and then a couple more weeks for me to get pictures of it, but there is so much love and time in this shawl I just couldn't bear to send it off without final photos.

A couple months ago a very good family friend started going through some health trouble. Our families have been friends for over fifteen years, I grew up alongside her daughters, and she is my bonus mother. So as soon as I heard about her diagnosis, I knew I had to knit her something. I wanted something simple, but flexible. I want it to be a shawl for when she's sitting at home, a scarf for when she's out and about, and a light blanket for sitting in doctor's offices.

All told, this shawl is exactly what I wanted for her, and I'm so pleased with how it came out. It's light and airy but warm, and it's delicate and beautiful without losing the things that make it profoundly utilitarian.

This kind of knitting is one of the most profound, for me. I love knitting myself sweaters and hats, and I love knitting my mum socks, but when my people need some love, I am so grateful to be able to make them something tactile. There's something powerful in giving knits, in giving time, and love, and hopes, and there's so much of all of that in this shawl. I'm not a very religious person, but some knits are sacred, and it's a profound feeling when you know you've made something like that.

Ravelry Page: Blue Shawl
Pattern: Malagash Square Shawl by Mimi Fautley
Yarn: Trendsetter Yarns Cash Woole "7083 Black Teal"

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  1. Amen. I cried when I found hats I knit for my mom to wear during chemo while cleaning out her belongings. Quilts that people made her and other handmade gifts still seem sacred. I am sure your shawl recipient will love it <3

  2. Holey bagels that is one large shawl. Lovely finish and color.

  3. I totally understand what you mean. I often knit things for my kids because somehow, when they are wearing something that I made for them, I feel like it's a kind of wrapping of them in my love. The shawl is beautiful and I am sure that it will bring a great deal of comfort. That is something that I am sure that she will treasure!