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Monday, December 12, 2016

Knitting Progress! (And a Finished Hat)

Happy Monday, my knitters! I have some great progress to share with you. This weekend, despite having tons of work around the house to do, I managed to finish TWO SWEATERS! I don't think I've ever finished two sweaters in one weekend before, so I'm kinda floating on a cloud. My Xmas Sweater is blocking (and still needs two or three ends woven in) and my mum's Sweatshirt Sweater is done but for the underarm seams, a few ends, and blocking. Look forward to hearing more about those next week probably, since it's dark all the time and I can only get pictures on weekends now.

Speaking of pictures on weekends, I managed to get caught up on photos yesterday! Today I'm all about my Cloudbusting, which is probably my new most favorite hat ever. When Cory released the Cloudburst Hat pattern earlier this year, I fell hard immediately, and when I found this skein of yarn at Fiber Fair back in September, I knew it was meant to be.

This hat's been done for a month now, and I've worn it several times already and it's perfect. I knit it exactly according to pattern and I'm so thrilled with how the colors in this yarn go with this stitch pattern. I know I go on and on about Cory's patterns a lot, but they're just so thoughtfully written and such a joy to knit.

Ravelry Page: Cloudbusting
Pattern: Cloudburst Hat by Cory Ellen Boberg
Yarn: ModeKnit Yarn ModeLuxe "Quetzel"

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  1. Two sweaters, woo hoo! This hat is so cute, looks great with your hair colour.

  2. That's a fun colored hat on you. Looks great.