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Friday, December 16, 2016

It's Gonna Be a Sprint to the Finish

That, my friends, is a tiny sweater body-front and back, and a pair of little sleeves. I've got about a dozen more rows on the sleeves, but they keep getting shorter and shorter and I can just sneeze those out. Then tonight I'll have a little seaming party, and this little guy should be ready to go soon.

So far, the Xmas/December knitting list stands as follows:

  1. Mum's Sweatshirt Sweater: DONE
  2. My Xmas Sweater: DONE
  3. Filled With Secrets: YOKE DONE, BODY STARTED
  4. Reindeer Pullover: ALMOST DONE
  5. Fox Cardigan: NEED TO WIND YARN
  6. Mum's present: STARTED
Okay, technically I still have to seam the underarms of mum's sweater and block it. But that's like 5 minutes of work, so it's crossed off the list. I feel like I'm sitting in a pretty good place-this weekend is gonna be all about weaving in ends, finishing seams, blocking, and winding the yarn for that Fox Cardigan, and hopefully by this time next week everything will be done.


I also need to do my annual cocoa-palooza, so it's going to be a bit of a busy weekend. And we're looking at at least two good trips to the post office. And I need to do more baking-we already have one batch of snickerdoodles, but we may need another, we need gluten free pepparkakors, probably some chocolate-oat no-bakes, fudge, and almost definitely either a coffee cake or cinnamon rolls for xmas morning. 

So, PLAN: catch up on finishing this weekend, make cocoa, start powering through the Fox Cardigan, bake pepparkakors. Get Fox Cardigan done by Wednesday (which is the solstice, how on earth did I forget the solstice was coming, I gotta dig out candles and make bread!), get everything mailed, bake more cookies, and hopefully mum's present will be done sometime on xmas eve. Man, I was feeling a lot more prepared before I wrote all this out. Eek.


  1. Good luck with the final knitting, one week to go; YOU CAN DO THIS!

  2. I hope it's been a productive weekend, you can do it!! You've got this!!!