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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Back to the Sweatshirt Sweater

Could it be? Is that? Yes, that's my mum's sweater, back from hibernation! I got the rest of the yarn I need for this and I am cruising through the yoke shaping now. It feels a little weird to be back to work on this after being focused on Xmas knitting for the past couple weeks, but I'd really like to get this done soon.

My goal is to have this sweater done for mum this week, and plow through the rest of the body of my own Xmas Sweater (which should really only take a day or two) so I have time to wear it this year. Then I want to finish the Reindeer Pullover since that has the farthest to travel, and I want to make sure that little has lots of time to wear it while it fits.

It feels like a lot, but I should still have plenty of time. My goal is to get a lot of knitting done this week, and then I'm hoping to get a lot of cookie baking and movie watching in over the weekend. So much cheer! So little time! Less than three weeks left!

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