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About Me

I taught myself to knit my sophomore year of college on a whim, after seeing a Doctor Who scarf that someone had knit for a friend and deciding that I needed one. I bought my first knitting book when I ordered spring textbooks, knit two dishcloths, and then started on a pair of socks and a lace stole. I finally knit my Fourth Doctor Scarf almost four years later. I like to describe myself as a "knit first, ask questions later" kind of knitter. I'll try anything at least once, and I love learning new techniques.

My design work centers around the operating principle of "Why the Hell Not." I focus mainly on exploring color and combining different elements into pieces that are charming to knit and and feel good to wear. I firmly believe that knitting should be enjoyable, and that your knitted garments and accessories should be able to fit into your existing wardrobe, so I try to make all my designs fun, charming, and easy to wear.

Black lives matter. I am committed to anti-racism work and dismantling the institution of white supremacy. I will not tolerate any language that targets or insults any race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, or mental illness on this blog or any of my social media pages.


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