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Monday, December 5, 2016

Making My Xmas Sweater!

I haven't shared this year's Xmas Sweater with you all yet, and I wanted to get a WIP post in before I finished it. I haven't actually finished a xmas sweater on time yet-last year's was supposed to be Drift, but that didn't work out. If you'll recall, I scored this yarn at the Scandinavian bazaar last month, so I'm limited to the four skeins that were in the bag.

I knew because I had a limited amount of yarn that I had to go top-down, and I knew I wanted a circular yoke with some slipped stitches. I used Leah's Filled With Secrets pattern to get my yoke and sleeve numbers, but this sweater is going to be much more fitted.

I finished the yoke last week, and then I did the sleeves because I wanted to make sure I got elbow-length sleeves and could still make the body as long as possible. This week I'll be starting my final skein, and the sweater should be done soon!

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  1. ooh, I love the yoke with the subtle bits of green poking out of the red! Looking great.

  2. That yoke is brilliant. Cannot wait to see your lovely Christmas sweater finished. What a wonderful idea.

  3. I'm with everyone else! That yoke is lovely!