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Monday, December 19, 2016

Maybe Everything Will Be Fine

This weekend was rough. Friday evening we discovered our wifi wasn't working (the horror!) so we went to the movies (Rogue One is an absolutely beautiful film and an excellent tie-in to the Star Wars franchise and I want to go see it a dozen more times). But that left Saturday and Sunday.

I managed to finish up the Reindeer Pullover on Saturday morning, and then I went to town winding the yarn for the Fox Hills cardigan. By afternoon, I had put in Star Wars Episode 4, poured myself a sombrero, and went to town on this cardigan. By the time I went to bed, I had the whole body, and the start of both sleeves.

Sunday morning I started back up on the cardigan, and worked on it intermittently between cleaning (my stove looks glorious right now, and our basement/guest room is navigable) I finished the sleeves, seamed it up, did the button band, made an emergency button run, and started the embroidery. And boom.  Two days, a whole little toddler cardigan, waiting only for a tiny bit of embroidery, buttons, and blocking.

Maybe Christmas will be okay after all.

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  1. that fox cardigan is on my list of must knits! can't wait to see yours finished up.

  2. This is adorable! Also, what is a sombrero drink?

    1. A sombrero is just kahlua, milk, and one or two ice cubes. Super delicious, dead easy, great year round (but in my family they've kinda turned into xmas/winter drinks).