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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve Eve

Here we are, two days before Christmas. I have pepparkakor dough made, and this afternoon I'll bake those. I've got one last shopping trip planned to get stuff for fudge and chocolate-oat no-bakes, and then I'll make those. The dogs need to get groomed, at some point I need to bake anadama bread, and I haven't even started my wrapping yet.

The knitting is going about as well as possible. I've passed the 75% point on the final gift and I should be able to finish it tonight. Anemone will come down for the weekend later this afternoon, and I still need to weave in a couple ends on my Xmas Sweater so I can wear it all weekend. Somehow everything is coming together, as it always does, and we'll have a mighty fine Christmas this year.

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  1. What an interesting cookie that looks like; had to Google it. Hope you had a lovely holiday.