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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Yarn, It Calls to Me

I have a habit of picking up yarn at thrift stores. Whenever I see something that isn't 100% acrylic, I inevitably end up bringing it home with me. I've gotten a pretty decent variety of stuff this way-some Louet Euroflax, some Brown Sheep, a ball of Icelandic stuff-for just a couple dollars a ball.

There's been nine balls of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in one of the shops here in town for a couple of weeks, and I could only hold off so long before bringing the lot home. Now, I don't normally go for cotton or acrylic except in certain circumstances, and this yarn had me a bit baffled. It has most of the properties I'd associate with cotton, except it doesn't really stretch out like cotton has the tendency to-that would be the acrylic holding it in place.

It's not a fiber mixture I'd usually work with, but it's definitely a good lightweight blend-I have a store-bought summer sweater that's almost this exact fiber blend in a different weight. So there I was, with nine balls of yarn that I had no idea what to do with.

I was pretty sure I wanted a sweater, so I started in the Ravelry pattern database looking for adult sweaters in worsted weight. I went through every page of results, but I was hampered by the fact that I didn't really know how the yarn was going to behave. I knit a swatch, and it didn't tell me too much.

Then I moved onto the yarn page and pattern suggestions. I made it through every page of that before switching my search to "projects done in cotton ease that are adult sweaters." Then I went even further, into the general Ravelry database for "adult sweaters worsted weight in cotton or acrylic."

Through all that, one pattern continued to stand out to me-Que Sera. I'm not the first person to knit this sweater from this yarn, so that gives me some hope.

All that goes to say-I have approximately 20 other sweaters I should be working on before this one.



  1. I wish I could find yarn at thrift stores! Darn the luck.

  2. whoa, a sweater's worth of yarn all in the same dye lot at a thrift shop? no way you could pass that up! The Que Sera will be an awesome summer cardi, for sure.

  3. oh, gosh....that same 'whoops' happens to me all the time!!!!!!!!

  4. That is a lovely pattern. I like how you described how you tried all the different searches on Ravelry, such a familiar search process to mine!