Rules for Feeding the Stash

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Care and Keeping of Your Stash

This post is intended for people who have just bought or adopted their first stash, but even longtime stash parents may find it helpful. If you are new to stashing, it is perfectly natural to feel a bit nervous, but there is a wide support network of fellow stashers who are willing to share tips and tricks. It is my hope that you find this new adventure enjoyable and pleasant, and that both you and your yarn have the most fulfilling relationship possible.

Being responsible for an entire stash can be an intimidating prospect, but do not fear! Your stash wants to make you happy, and with just minimal maintenance and training from you, your stash can become a good friend and companion for many years to come.

In the wild, stashes prefer dry environments out of direct sunlight. Get to know the personality of your stash, but many will be happy in a cozy den in a closet or a dim corner of a room. Some stashes are natural climbers, and you'll want to install plenty of shelving if that's the case for yours, so it can explore its new home.

Other stashes are lazier and would rather sprawl all over your furniture. It is important to set strict rules and boundaries with your stash while it is young, because once behavioral patterns have had a chance to establish it can be very difficult to re-train a stash. Allowing your stash free reign of its designated den and a few other delineated spaces in your home will give it plenty of room to wander and lie about without interfering with your lifestyle.

It is important to keep your stash away from direct sunlight. Some sun is fine, even healthy, for a strong stash, but just like us, your stash can be prematurely aged by too much sun exposure. Be sure to limit your stash's time in sunny patches, and keep an eye for any signs of dullness or fading, as those can be slowed by relocation to a darker habitat.

Stashes are also prone to infestation by any number of little parasites or other pests. Some of these can be warded off with pieces of cedar or lavender lining its den, but the best method to prevent your stash from becoming ill is to keep it in an airtight wrapping and do a thorough grooming twice a year.

To groom your stash, check over every inch for any signs of distress, aging, or infestation. Many stashes enjoy their owners' touch, so take this opportunity to pet your stash. Petting your stash also helps keep its coat free from dust and redistributes its natural oils, eliminating the need for harsher brushes or combs.

Most stashes are very playful creatures. It is likely that your stash will try to get your attention constantly. Pet it frequently, and praise it. It revels in your attention, and keeping it happy with small, frequent displays of pleasure and affection will help prevent outright attacks for attention-it is not uncommon for a bored stash to jump off its shelf and hit its owner in a bid for more attention.

Thankfully, stashes can be occupied with a wide range of toys that are readily available to stashers of all economic brackets. Most stashes enjoy spending time with a swift or ball winder, and nearly every stash can be pleasantly distracted with small notions such as buttons, ribbon, beads, and toggles.

As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to get to know the personality of your own stash, and that you allow it the proper room and attention for it to grow to its best potential. Your stash already thinks that you are the most incredibly person in the world. It will always be loyal and faithful to you, and with just a little bit of effort and attention on your part can turn your stash from a new acquaintance to a cherished lifelong companion. Congratulations, and enjoy the journey.


  1. Simply wonderful :) made me laugh! Great advice kat!

  2. This made me smile so hard. Down Stashy! Good girl...

  3. I love my stash and I love how I treat some of it differently than others. The happy stash, you know the pretty stash is out for me to see :)

  4. HA. So that's the problem.....I simply haven't treated my stash with the appropriate kindness and care. (It has jumbled itself mercilessly.....and is almost useless. I can never find a thing!!!) Proper care. So that's the solution. (DUH!!!)

  5. This is amazing and so damn hilarious! I'm sending the link to my bestie, who is finding herself the caretaker of a new stash. :D