Rules for Feeding the Stash

Monday, January 18, 2016

One Rule

I try not to talk about my design process too much here, because I mostly feel that this is a space for all of us to be besties and talk about knitting and stuff, but designing is something I do, and sometimes I want to talk about it in a more in-depth way than just, "Look, here's a thing I made up!"

I have one rule for designing: I have to enjoy it. I have to enjoy the idea, I have to enjoy the process of making it, and I have to enjoy the finished project. I believe that knitting should be charming and enjoyable, and I believe it should result in something that you or someone you care about will like and use. Sometimes I get swept up comparing myself to other designers, though, and I get distracted from that rule. 

I've had this yarn for a while, and I've played with a couple of different ideas for it. I had one idea that I was pretty sold on-another cowl and infinity scarf, straightforward and pleasant to knit, very much "me," and stemming from an inspiration very close to my heart.

Then I started second guessing myself. I thought, "I should try a new construction that is really overwrought and more difficult than it needs to be." I got swept up in overthinking everything and I forgot my one rule and I started something that was absolutely not me and I resented it.

After fighting with it for a couple weeks, I frogged it and cast on for my previous idea, and it has been a completely different experience. I am enjoying this so much more, and it feels more right than whatever I was trying before. It's difficult-so many of us struggle with perfectionism, and then to take it a step further and question what in fact makes perfection can be paralyzing. 

It's so easy for me to remind my friends that no one else can make the things that they make, and that even when what they do feels inferior, it has value and merit, but it's so easy for me to forget that about myself. It feels so good to really be working on a design again-now that I'm feeling newly focused and I've turned this project around, I couldn't be more excited for the rest of the things I have planned for this year. 


  1. designing is hard work, I'm glad you thought it through and started over, I agree you have to enjoy the process!!

  2. Hey girl, Julie Crawford of Knitted Bliss featured your striped jumper on today's Modification Monday post!

  3. I've never designed a pattern in my life, but it's interesting to see the thoughts that go into the process. I totally get that is has to be an enjoyable process!

  4. I understand the designing frustration/process......I've been dabbling in design, as well, and I've just finished up a new design that I can't show (because rules for submissions and such), I'm working on another one.....and I have a notebook filled with random bits and bobs and nothing sticks out as an "OMG START ME NAO" thing. Some of them may never see the light of day other than scribbles.

    The socks I'm designing (I do a lot of socks, apparently)....well, yeah. I love the idea, I think it'll work but I won't know until I go full scale and I've already discovered a misstep in the design so now I need to rewrite some things and change some things, and hope it all works out and....::sigh::