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Friday, January 29, 2016

Catching Up and Gearing Up

The KALs I'm doing all start on Monday (eep!), and I am super duper excited to finally be able to cast on for them. I am in the throes of trying to get some stuff finished so I can put most of my focus on my KAL projects, and I'm starting to feel a little buried.

1. I need to finish my Old Davis sample, (just a few more rounds!) then send the pattern off to editing land. I'm planning a short version as well, but it should knit up quickly, and I have the yarn for it already.

2. I have just a few more rows on the upper back of Que Sera, and I want to sew the buttons on quick so I don't lose them, and then this is ready to set aside for me to do the sleeves in a couple of months.

3. I promised Anemone a Portsmouth hat ages ago, so I really ought to get the yarn wound for that so I'm more likely to knit it while it's still hat weather.

4. I also promised my mum a skinny Kermit. Fortunately, the yarn for that came in balls already, so I really just need to cast on and remember that the skinny version goes really quick.

5. I'm halfway through an Outlander-Inspired Cowl and I really want it done so I can wear it while it's still cold. The knitting is very slow going, though. My hands are not meant to knit things this bulky.

6. I really ought to get all my KAL yarn wound so it's ready to go :)

Part of why I'm feeling so rushed is that I've gotten so little actual knitting done the past week and a half-that Super Cold really knocked me out for a few days, and I really couldn't have cared less about doing anything that wasn't sleeping or petting a dog. But now that I'm back together, I'm excited to get caught up and move forward!


  1. Sounds like a gun bit of knitting! I too need to get a move on with my KAL yarn winding. Fortunately most of the ones I'm participating in are WIP based.

  2. gorgeous gorgeous knitting!! I see you've promised lots of people lots of things! Go you!! I am still working on my sweater and a baby blanket.