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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Still a WIP: Ella

Happy Saturday!  I finally finished knitting the sleeves for my Ella cardigan (shrug?) (for the second time) and I've made it through the longest of the raglan decrease rows.  (For a while there, I was afraid it would never be finished-I could barely get through two rows in an hour!  But we're sailing pretty good now.)
I was afraid that I'd have to bring Ella to work on during my business trip next week, but I'm starting to feel more confident that she'll be done and I'll be able to wear her.  I've got 21 more raglan decrease rows, the underarm 3-needle bind-off, and the ribbed edging to go.  It sounds like we're watching the extended edition of The Two Towers at my house today, so I'm hoping to get the raglan shaping and underarms done and ends woven in so she can have a quick bath before I start the edging. 
(I apologize for the bathroom selfies, but in my defense, I think they're really good for bathroom selfies.)
Also, I went to the thrift shop this morning and got this fantastic piece of art.  Right now it's going to get wrapped and stored behind my bed, but when I move out to my own place, it'll hang above my sofa.  It's printed linen, and the six horses in the foreground are all three dimensional, with padding underneath.  In some places, they're raised more than an inch from the rest of the work! 
I've got some cute baby stuff that's blocking right now to show you tomorrow too, so see you then!

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