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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Round and Round She Goes

After the different setbacks I've had with Ella, I was prepared for the neckband to be quite an undertaking.  I left her home when I went to the hills a couple weeks ago, with the hope that the separation would be good for the both of us.  Turns out, that's all we really needed, and I got the last 6 decrease body rows done in 10 minutes two days after I got home. 
This past weekend was spent picking up stitches all around the body, and I started to get nervous again.  It took over 4 hours, and I ended up with 464 stitches, in laceweight cotton, and the neckband needs to be 3 inches wide. 
Fortunately, it's been zipping right along.  I had planned for this to be my lunch break knitting this week, and do work knitting at hope in the evenings, but I've been bending that rule a little bit (I know you guys understand-I'm sooooo close to being done! There's no reason to keep dragging this out further!).  I'll have to measure it to be sure, but I think there's only a couple rounds left before the bind-off.

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