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Sunday, August 24, 2014

In No Particular Order

1. I finished Ella. She's beautiful, I love her, she's everything I hoped she'd be. Real pictures soon, but for now:
2. I found my comforter.  It was in the back of my closet (my mother was right). Time it took me to find it: nine days (to be fair, it was in the way back of a fairly deep and narrow closet underneath and behind a bunch of stuff).

3. I am really behind on photographing and blogging finished stuff, I really need to get on that.

4. Also am way behind on work knitting.  Bad Kat.

5. And laundry.

6. And baking.

7. Pretty sure I'm out of milk, too.

8. Let's just assume that I'm twenty-something years old and have no control over my life.

9. I've lost ten pounds.  It's complicated.  May have to touch on that further later.

10. I should really learn to not half-ass swatches for design projects so that when I make changes in the full-scale sample I don't find out for the first time that something that I think works in my head is terrible knit up and end up tinking back eight rows of over 200 stitches ohmygodIshouldreallybebetteratthisbynow.

11. Baby knitting is the most ridiculously easy procrastination tool for work knitting.

12. Yes, it's August. But buildings have air conditioning. The baby needs a sweater.

13. Have y'all seen Andi's Marion KAL? I'm totally doing this one. No excuses. Ordering the yarn for it as soon as I get paid.

14. I need to start Xmas knitting too.

15. And more design stuff.

16. Marion's only a small sweater. It'll only take a day or two.

17. Ha.

18. But dudes, the KAL starts the day after my birthday, so that's totally a sign.

19. The pretty princess shawl is so pretty:

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