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Sunday, August 17, 2014

FO: Mum's Rainbow Leaf Scarf

As promised, the first of a little parade of FOs from my work trip last week:

I had three skeins of this yarn that I found last week at the beginning of reorganizing my stash, and I knew it needed to move on.  I had a bunch of this yarn, in different colorways, and it's been in my stash for over three years. I loved the colors, but I knew it wasn't necessarily something I'd wear a lot, and after looking at it for a bit, I knew my mum would love it a dozen times more than I would. 

I make no secret of the fact that I hate knitting scarves.  I just do.  I find them boring, repetitive, and unending.  So if I'm going to knit a scarf, I have to love the recipient, or really love the idea of the finished scarf.  Fortunately, I'm pretty darn fond of my mum, and once the idea of a rainbow scarf in a leaf pattern entered my mind, I couldn't get it to go away.
I pulled out an old simple leaf lace pattern, cast on, and knit all the way to the end.  It took three days without too much trouble.  I was hesitant about this yarn at first, but it felt so smooth as I knit it, and it blocked to a deliciously soft fuzz with just enough of a halo.  It was a little tough to give this one away, but I knew it was going to someone who would wear it more that I would.  I absolutely love this, and I really love how perfect it is for my mum.
Pattern: from my head
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Mochi Plus "555 Tapestry Rainbow"

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  1. Oh my those colours, I am drooling on my laptop right now! The mochi yarns come in so many pretty colourways, I also still have some lying around.