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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Yarn Along

I've got a new puzzle going this week. The Star Wars Comics puzzle I was working on the other weekend is glued and framed, and that's the plan for this one too. I do have two more puzzles in the queue, but so far I'm just planning on solving them and then dropping them off at the thrift store-I don't have nearly enough wall space to frame and keep every puzzle I buy!

I haven't had too much knitting time since this weekend, but I'm still making slow, slow progress on my TPCT. It's supposed to finally get up into the mid-to-upper-nineties in a couple days, and I am not ready for it at all. There is nothing about near hundred-degree weather that I like, and since this weekend is the Shakespeare Festival, I'm going to be sitting outside every evening. I'd been hoping to crank out more of this, but since it's going to be too hot, I might have to just bring a sock so I don't have to sit with a lap full of wool.

(Since it's Wednesday, I'll also mention that I'm currently reading Preacher: Book 3 and Lady Killer. Yes, they are both exceptionally violent, and loads of fun. No worries, I feel a poetry kick coming soon, so once I'm done with the Preacher series I'll get back to some wholesome literature.)

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  1. The only thing worse than a lap full of wool in 90+ degree heat is a lap full of giant blanket!
    I love the color variations in the yarn you are using!

  2. A Shakespeare festival! That sounds so amazing! I am falling more and more in love with Shakespeare as I get older. A lapful of wool, however, does NOT sound amazing right now. :) Lovely yarn.

  3. Socks knitting during warm months and 100 degree plus temps is all I can handle. A lap full of wool...I get sweaty just thinking about it.
    It has been too long since I have worked on a puzzle. I may need to rectify that.

  4. Oh I love puzzles! I have a bunch of them that I really want to start, but things are too insane right now. SOOOOON. :) Do you knit while puzzling? I usually feel like I can choose one or the other, but don't get to do both - now I'm doubting that...

    That yarn looks so pretty!

  5. I love puzzles, but haven't done one in ages! This one looks like so much fun..

  6. that puzzle looks like so much fun!I love jigsaw puzzles, but it's been a long time since I've done one with more than 24 pieces (as I'm usually doing them with my 4 year old) I hope the heat has been bearable, yikes.