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Monday, June 6, 2016

Sisters and Socks

Look! A wild pair of socks in their natural habitat! The weekend was a total success, both in terms of sister time and sock knitting. Friday night karaoke was a ton of fun. Most of the university students are gone for the summer, so the town is nice and quiet and there was only a dozen or so people at the bar for karaoke. It was pretty laid back, and pretty much everyone got to do two or three songs.

The rest of the weekend was a mix of thrifting, book shopping, movies, and vegging out. I worked on the leg of my neon sock at karaoke, and the rest of the time I trucked through these plain socks I'd been working on for my mum. I cast these on back in December, but they've been languishing for the most part since then, cast aside in favor of larger projects.

I am very happy to be done with these, and I'm really glad to have reconnected with sock knitting. I do love my shawls and sweaters and cowls, but there's something so comfortable about banging out a pair of socks. It's one of my goals this year to get back into regular sock knitting, and I think this is a good step forward.

Ravelry Page: mum socks
Pattern: sock recipe in my head


  1. Great photo. Glad you had some great fun with your sis.

  2. Sock knitting never fails you does it? I've only been knitting very sparsely in the last few months but I think yesterday I found my mojo again by working on a pretty pair of socks.

  3. Oh what pretty yarn - you just can't beat a good pair of socks can you!

  4. Aw cute! Glad you had a good time with the sis too. :) This reminds me though that I have a lone sock that needs a pair - and it's a pattern I made up in my head so I'd better get the second one started soon before I forget all of the details!