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Friday, June 10, 2016

It's Too Dang Hot

It's too hot to do anything right now. I think the next five days are all supposed to be well into the nineties, and then we'll get a reprieve in the mid-eighties. You know it's sad when the mid-eighties is sounding good. Summer stinks.

I finished the puzzle, except for gluing, It went by quicker than the last one, mostly because it's been too hot to think about doing much else. For those of you who wondered, no, I don't knit and puzzle at the same time. I tend to get really hyperfocused on the puzzle, and don't want to distract myself with knitting, and I need my hands free to try out where pieces might fit.

I promise, there is still some knitting happening. My new cowl pattern is done and ready except for photos, so I get to go out this weekend while it's a billion degrees out and wear wool around my neck and  try not to look like a melting sweaty blob. I'm almost at the heel flap on my first Neon Sock, and I still have my TPCT and a couple other summer tops I'm thinking about. 

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  1. whoa, that was fast for the puzzle! But being in sweet, sweet air conditioning does help. today was weird here- so col din the morning and around noon; then about 1 p.m. the wind changed and it was instantly crazy hot for the rest of the day. Weather is so strange.