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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Well, At Least There's Some Progress

Frustratingly, we are still fighting the Flea Army. I think the dogs are more than 50% free of fleas now, but we're still combing, bathing, washing laundry, and vacuuming, and we've even got a flea killing spray now. Hopefully it won't take much longer, but we could be in for another two weeks.

Understandably, between the Great Flea Invasion and play rehearsals, my knitting output has slowed some. I've gotten a few more rows done on the body of Finn, but it's still a few inches from being done, and I have to double-check my sleeve math. My Work + Shelter Lace Striped Tee is still marching on, and I'm still charmed by it. I've got just one more stockinette band before I start the sleeves, and even though the rounds will get really long once I put everything together, the rest of the top should just zoom right along. I've got several skirts that I think will look amazing with this tee, so I'm really excited to be getting close to the finish.

I'd meant to go on a short training ride yesterday, but I ended up spending the evening at the laundromat. It's probably good for me to have a real rest day, though, and I've got some rides planned for this weekend. (Here's the part where I remind you that encouraging comments are greatly appreciated, as are dollars, and the link to my fundraising page is over in the sidebar, and a thousand thanks to each of you that has already given me one or the other or both. You all rock, and you guys are the wind beneath my wings, or, more accurately, the pavement beneath my wheels.)

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  1. The tee is looking good! Hope things are flea free soon!