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Friday, June 17, 2016

Nusalong Prize Haul!

I was fortunate enough to be the grand prize winner for the indie.knits Nusa KAL, and since it's such a lovely prize package, I thought I'd take a minute to share it with you! The grand prize included print and pdf copies of three of Cory's patterns-since I'd already bought and knit two of the ones she'd initially identified for the prize, she was kind enough to allow me to swap out for two different ones.

I ended up with the patterns for her Lelia Mitts, Cairn, and Wayward. They all look like wonderful, delightful knits, and I already have yarn for Wayward and Cairn, just as soon as I find time to cast on for them! I don't really own any print patterns unless they come in a book or magazine, so these are a lovely treat, and I'll have to figure out the best place to keep them. I'm a huge fan of Cory's design sensibilities in general, and the paper, print quality, and layout of these patterns is beautiful.

The prize also included two skeins of Three Fates Yarns aquae singles in colors of my choice. I've been a huge King Arthur fangirl for most of my life, and I  was feeling a bit romantic when I was browsing the possible colorways, so I went with Arthur and Guinevere, and they really do look charming together. I'm already hatching a plan for these two skeins, and hopefully I'll have time to knit them up soon! I also got another Three Fates Yarns logo project bag-I love the size and drawstring of these bags, so it's definitely going to be handy to have two around!

Thanks again to Cory for a wonderful KAL and such a fantastic prize package!


  1. that's awesome, congratulations on winning the prize pack!

  2. I'm so happy you won!!! I know you will knit something up fantastic :)