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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Progressing Along

Finn looks a lot like she did two days ago. I promise she is a bit longer than she was on Monday, but we're at that weird point in our relationship where I put a lot of time and effort into her and she doesn't really grow. Hopefully we'll move past this impasse soon.

Not Finn (also known as Work + Shelter Lace Striped Tee) is progressing nicely. I've pretty much only been working on this during my lunch breaks, so it's a bit slow going, but it will still be done in plenty of time to get lots of wear this summer.

This week I'm reading American Housewife and Apocrypha. American Housewife is a riot-some stories are just two or three pages, and some are quite long, but they're all clever and funny and different from a lot of my recent reading. Apocrypha is intense and magical and deeply textured and I'm going to be very sorry to see the end of it. Fortunately, I always love revisiting favorite poetry collections, and I feel like I'll be revisiting this one a lot.

Both dogs managed to get fleas, which is very distressing and has thrown our whole house into a tizzy. I also managed to slip and fall while washing them in the shower, but fortunately I'm not feeling that too much yet. Hopefully one round of washing will do the trick, and we'll have this flea crisis behind us quickly.

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  1. Ugh - fleas are the WORST! My dogs haven't gotten them yet but we had a cat that infested the house. Good luck with getting rid of them!

  2. Fleas are just awful to be rid of. We don't seem to get them very often, but ticks.... that's another story! All you knitting is so pretty. I just love that purple.

  3. You are an inspiration for those crop and tee patterns. I'm itchin' to knit one after I get Idlewood done which has been crying for attention. Oh man, fleas. I'm sorry that happened. They're such tiny pests. Hope the problem is fixed. How'd your dogs get fleas when you give them the treatments?

  4. lovely projects!! I know you will get back to where you were on your Finn, you are working so hard on it! lovely colors :)

  5. ouch! hope you are not hurt...knitting heals, I promise:-)