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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Creativity, and Being Kind

I've been struggling a bit creatively since the start of the year-I have a couple of sweaters stewing in my head, and one that I'm working out on the needles now, but I haven't had an original idea in weeks, and that's a bit paralyzing. I know it's technically impossible to run out of ideas, but it had been so long since I'd felt any kind of creative spark that I was really starting to feel a bit down.

Of course, my approach the past couple weeks to just take things as they come and pick up and put down projects as I feel like it has apparently freed up some of the creative space in my brain, and now I'm solidly in the brainstorming phase (so far it's a pretty big brainstorm, and I can tell there's going to be a lot of editing in my future).

My goal for this month (maybe I'm the kind of blogger that sets monthy goals now?) is to continue being kind to myself. I want to focus on getting some of my WIPs done-especially my KAL projects, but I've also got my Talus hat up there to finish before spring really gets here. But I also want to keep this attitude of letting myself work on what I want when I want to, and not to put undue pressure on myself, and to let these new larval ideas percolate as much as they need to in order to reach maturity. I love this concept solidification part of the creative cycle so much, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying it after that 2-3 month stint in the "I will never have another original thought ever" phase.

ETA: I just realized that this is the blog's second birthday! The past two years have been so much fun and our wider blog community as a whole is such a rich one that I am so proud to be a part of. So, in honor of my second blogiversary, go spread some blog love through the community! Share a favorite old post from one of your favorite bloggers, spread comments far and wide-basically anything that will help us all remember and appreciate that what we have here in the blogiverse is so special.


  1. Happy birthday to your blog! The knitting community is lucky to have this space you created :)

  2. Happy blog birthday! You're mojo will come back, til then I hope you get to finish some wips and do other things. I can't wait to see the cherry pie skirt!

  3. happy blog anniversary!! I think you should be kind to yourself. I am on the second sleeve of my sweater and it's a little slow going. I try to work on it a little bit each day.

  4. Happy anniversary! Congratulations on finding your creative flow :) I really appreciate your blog and the way in which you consistently and kindly encourage other bloggers. Looking forward to the third anniversary!