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Friday, March 25, 2016

In Progress

I'm back to juggling projects this week, and juggling several different books as well. I'm working on the first sleeve for my Que Sera, and I'm halfway through the lace edge of my Nusa cowl. (Pro Tip: When you're going to be in a poorly-lit auditorium all day for a Show Choir Showcase, maybe don't bring the lightweight dark grey lace project to work on). I also started another new cowl, added some more rows to my Rios Scraps Cowl, and am fighting with the neckline of a new cardigan.

Que Sera is still a total dream-so far the sleeve doesn't even feel like a sleeve (could it be, I'm actually enjoying knitting a sleeve??). I'm planning on having the sleeves be a bit more than elbow-length, so hopefully I'll keep being charmed by them until they're done.

I've made it to the third book in the Fairyland series, and I'm also working through one of Catherynne M. Valente's short story collections. I've read a lot of these stories before in online publications, but it's really nice to revisit them in print. I'm also reading Shirley on Kindle now, and it's a bit slow, even though I love Caroline as a character. She just met the titular Shirley, though, so hopefully the story should be picking up quickly.


  1. Thank you for the tip about working on lace in poorly lite areas.:)
    Happy to hear that you enjoying knitting that sleeve.
    Thank you for the book recommendations, I am going to add a few of those to my list.

  2. so much awesome here! I'm glad you are loving your Que Sera, and finding great books you want to bring everywhere so you can get are the best.

  3. Enjoying sleeve knitting?! What madness! I'm liking that colourful picture, you're making me want to cast on way more things! :)