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Monday, March 7, 2016


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was busier than usual, but good!

Saturday I went up to the city to look at some bikes from Craigslist, and I came home with a vintage Schwinn Le Tour that's been kept in excellent condition. I rode it to the grocery store on Saturday, and to choir on Sunday, and it's a great bike-and so much faster than any of my old ones! I can't wait to get out on some real training rides for the Tour de Cure over the next few weeks.

I got through almost all of the grey on my Cherry Pie skirt as well, and I'm ready to start the colorwork! Since that project's getting large and unwieldy, I decided to pull my Beach House out of hibernation to work on. I love knitting this so much, and it's one of the things I want to get done for Me-Made May (I'll talk more about those plans later), so it was great to pull out again. I actually managed to get to the front/back split last night, so this is just sailing along!


  1. what a good weekend you had! A skirt or a dress (Bressay?!?) is definitely on my 2016 to-knit list (of course, they were also on the 2015 and 2014 list as well!!!) Moved my bike into our new garage space....flat tires. :( so flat i'm not sure they will be able to be pumped back up flat. :( :(

  2. I spent a lot of the weekend cross-country skiing (either learning to skate ski or going on a long classic ski trip), and oh man I am in so much pain now. Especially my right hip, which I landed on too many times to count. :P Got some good knitting in though, and am getting close to dividing for the sleeves on a new sweater! AHA oops the one I wasn't supposed to start yet... :D

    Congrats on the bike! I'm on the hunt for one myself, but I haven't had much luck yet. Probably have to wait for spring when people start pulling them out of sheds and snowbanks.

    Can't wait to hear your plans for Me-Made-May! Maybe I need to look into that this year. :)

  3. Yay on scoring a vintage bike for a good price. We found bikes for our growing daughters that way too via Craigslist. Thanks for bringing my attention to Beach House b/c sometimes I need a bit more cover up while wearing a tank during hot weather.

  4. I'm pretty excited about your bike find :) :) Love the red wool!!

  5. what a fabulous find from craigslist!