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Monday, March 14, 2016

Numbers on a Monday

Hola, wayward comrades! I had a crazy busy weekend, so we're going to number it up:

1. I got a new mattress, and holy crap is it comfy! It is, however, twice as thick as my old mattress (to fit all the comfort) and it's a bit high to climb onto. We're going to try and lower my bed an inch, but I also think I may like a step or stool to give me a boost too.

2. I finished my Cherry Pie Skirt! And I'm super happy with it and it looks great...but (there's a but) I don't know if I love the hem on the bottom. In the mirror, when I wear the skirt, the hem looks like it drapes oddly, and I don't think I love it. I haven't taken pictures yet, and sometimes things can look different in pictures than in the mirror, so I'm going to take some before I make any decisions about changing it.

3. I finished the back of my Beach House! I had a bit of an episode on Saturday when I realized I was incorporating stitches into the garter stitch section half as frequently as the pattern calls for (come on, Kat, by now you should know better. Read the pattern!) so I tore it out and re-knit. Womp-womp. But it looks so much better now, and I'm ready to tackle the fronts!

4. If you're following me on Instagram, you saw that I got some new plastic tubs for my stash. I'd had one of the tubs for a while, and I finally got around to getting three more. One more should do the trick, but I need to wait for Walmart to restock (the pitfalls of living in a small town in the middle of nowhere). Most of my sweater quantities are in a small dresser that I have for yarn, and I have some more stuff on a bookshelf, but it's nice to get the bulk of the stash in the protection of these bins. For the curious, the bins are organized by sock yarn, fingering-not for socks, lace weight, and sport-dk-worsted.

How was everyone else's weekend?

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  1. tis the time of year for all that organization!!! good for you!!!!!! (know the feeling WELL about small town in the middle of nowhere!!!)

  2. All over good things then, eh? Other than the extra hop needed to get into the bed. :) Does sound like a busy weekend though. I bought these loooong shallow clear bins for my yarn last fall. They work fantastic - I can see what's in there easily without having to dig, since all of the yarn is visible, and I can stack them 4 high under my cutting table! Everything else fits in a plastic set of drawers, and usually just includes things I'm working on, yarn I keep squishing too much to put in the bins, and dishcloth cotton. :)

    Now I just need to organize everything else in my sewing room - that place is a disaster (but no stray yarn to HUZZAH)!

    Can't wait to see your skirt!!

  3. Isn't it amazing what a new mattress can do for your overall well being??? I was shocked when we upgraded to a new mattress. lovely knitting :)

  4. so smart to corral your yarn by weight, I feel like mine is all just crammed into the same spot, and is a hodge-podge mess. Congrats on the new mattress! Especially finding one that works- we bought a new one a couple years ago, and my husband decided after 6 months he doesn't really like it, but it was so bloody expensive I told him he'll have to live with it fr at least a few more years. We put a foam topper on it, that helps.