Rules for Feeding the Stash

Monday, February 29, 2016

Careful Not to Twist

Friday night I finished winding the yarn for my Nusa KAL cowl, and I immediately cast on and found myself so smitten I just had to knit a few rounds. Saturday morning, I was similarly engrossed, and I knit several rounds during my morning coffee. Then, just as I was about to set it down to go for a walk, I noticed it,

You know that part in the pattern, where it says, "Join to work in the round, careful not to twist?" Heck, I've put that line in more than half of my own patterns, and I'm absolutely meticulous about checking my cast-on before I start knitting. But there, more than ten rounds into a project with a 336st cast-on, I saw it.

A twist.

I swore. I put it down. I went for a walk. I went for coffee. I went to catch up with some friends who were back in town. I went to the grocery store.

It was still there when I finally went home.

I'm almost back to where I was before I (gently) ripped back. Really, it's not much progress length-wise, but it was over 10,000 stitches when I had to rip it out. That stings a little bit. But hey, in terms of Tragic Knitting Mistakes, this is really pretty minor, and if that's my biggest problem right now, I think I'll be okay.


  1. oh, that totally sucks! But there isn't a knitter alive who hasn't been there, my friend. Wine helps.

  2. been there done that way too many times to count but just think of all the extra knitting time :) :) pretty yarn!