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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Me-Made Plan

I love the concept behind Me-Made May. Every year I want to join in, but May is a bit of a transitional month, and it can get pretty darn warm, and I really don't have a whole lot of warm-weather appropriate knits.

Last weekend I was Instagram-stalking a sewing blogger, and I got the urge to check my self-made wardrobe situation. Lo and behold, I've actually got a shot of making it! And, since I'm thinking about it this early, I have a chance to plan and strategically fill in any gaps in my wardrobe as needed.

So here's things as they stand-the following eight knits are done and in my wardrobe and should be appropriate to wear during May at least once:

Some of these I'm nervous about-most days it will likely be too warm to wear either Marion or Amiga, and my No Boyfriend Sweater is pretty heavy.

I also have three projects on the needles that I plan to get done before May:

And, I have yarn for four new tops as well-even though I know I won't get all four done:

-Drift (a short-sleeved cropped version!)
-Tallahassee (also cropped!) 

I'd love to get at least the Work+Shelter top knit, and one of the crop tops. I've also gone through most of my fabric stash and pulled out some things to try sewing. I'd love to get an easy skirt or two and a couple of simple tops done, and hopefully those will help cover some of the warmer days.

I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months now-anything to distract me from my yarn diet, lol! Is anyone else planning for Me-Made May yet?


  1. I've admired Me-Made-May from afar the last couple of years, but I think this is the year I actually try to participate, at least in a small way. I've got family coming this weekend, so I'm in crazy-clean-the-house mode right now, but once they'be departed I'm going to knuckle down and make a plan. I know Me-Made-May isn't about dashing off a bunch of quick projects just to tick a box, but motivates by deadlines, so having a concrete time frame to work in will be really helpful I think. Got any skirt patterns in mind?

  2. Ooo you're making me want to try! I'm starting to seriously think about my wardrobe - what works and what isn't (the latter of which sadly encompasses about 70% of it if I'm honest with myself), and what's missing. I may just spend a bit of time in my closet and in my sewing room this weekend, puzzling things out!

    I'd probably be more motivated MMMing along with a friend. :)

  3. OOO, if you need skirt pattern ideas, I'm up for brainstorming! I have a straight skirt cut out and ready to sew from Cake patterns (I think it's the one with the Hummingbird top? Can't remember right now) that I should really finish. I want to experiment more with skirts, but I have a weird shaped body (short waist, high fluffy hips, and a protruding tummy and bum - all of which make bottoms really REALLY frustrating to sew for!) and I'm having a tough time fitting them.

    I do remember really liking this corduroy A-line skirt I made up years back - maybe it's time to revisit that.

    Have you seen Zinnia from Colette Patterns? I think you rock the full (or fuller) skirt really well - that might be an option!

  4. Love Love Love this idea! I've also admired from afar for a few years and although I'm not sure I'm ready to participate this year, I do hope that you'll share your outfits and experience with us :D

  5. Ooh, I've added the first two sweaters/tops to my faves. I like the concept of Me-Made-May. I also like how you go for knitted tops and skirts.

  6. It's a fun concept, Me Made May! you should totally go for it, even if it's a partial success it will give you a good idea of what sort of project you should work on next to fill those handmade gaps in your wardrobe.

  7. what's a yarn diet? (snort!). I fall off of mine all the time. I love that you listed your ideas and now it's forever documented. I should do the same.

  8. Love your post - I just discovered it reading the blogs for Cormac on Ravelry. Your me-mades look beautiful! I am going to try it for the first time this year too and have been making some things to fill in some missing spaces in my wardrobe in time for May. I'm really looking forward to giving it a try. :)