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Monday, March 21, 2016

Pie with a Cherry on Top

Pictures of my Cherry Pie Skirt, as promised! There is so much I love about this skirt-the length, the colors, the pattern-I'd love for it to be a wardrobe staple. But remember that little hangup I had with the hem? I'm still hung up on it.

The fabric of the skirt drapes amazingly, but adding that extra layer to the last inch just stiffened it up too much to hang the way I want. Which is an easy enough fix-and if I can tear myself away from my renewed obsession with Que Sera, it'll be all set and ready to rock the town this week.

For comparison I pulled out my Yellow Skirt, which I love. When I knit this skirt a couple years ago, I ended up running a little short on yarn, and I was afraid of doing a folded hem as written and ending up with too-short a skirt. So I finished it off with two inches of moss stitch, and it's perfect.

So that's what I'm going to do here-I'll rip out the hem, rip back a few more rounds, and finish it off with a couple inches of moss stitch. See? Texture fixes everything. Except for the four hours of my life I spent on the most perfect folded hem ever, but a few hours are nothing when it comes to making something something that I'm merely proud of currently into something I'll want to wear all the time.


  1. Super cute! Love the colors. I think that reknitting it is worth the time if it gets worn more though. I have regretted not fixing the little annoying details on past projects & as a result, they hardly get worn. Love the length, fit & drape of the yellow skirt so much.

  2. You have knit TWO skirts???/ YIKES. I have that on my wish list of things I want to knit, but just simply haven't gotten to it. I even have the pattern I've lusted over for years....really no excuse, other than it takes dozens of colors in fingering wt Spindrift. I now have a source for all the colours, though----I used to tell myself I'd make it the next time I was in Shetland!!! (Yeah, right!!!!!)

  3. Okay, that's a seriously awesome skirt. Way to go! But I do see what you mean by the hem. I'm glad you have a solution - and definitely a winner because that yellow skirt has such a beautiful drape!

  4. This looks so great, I love the colors you chose! I don't notice the hem until you point it out, and even then it looks fine to me, but THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME! Haha, this about you and, as with all knitting, if it bugs you, it's worth it to fix it, don't worry about anyone else ;)

  5. LOVE your skirt!!! adorable :) and it fits so lovely and quite flattering! I like your yellow one as well, I think it's nice the length that it is but if you want more then go for it!

  6. the skirt looks amazing, and that is a great idea to tinker back a bit and get the hem you want. That yellow skirt is fantastic, I can see why you would want it to have the same hem detail.