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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

KAL Yarns

Since I've been talking up these KALs, I thought I might as well show off the yarns I'm using. I love all the yarns I'm working with (Pro Tip: Only work with yarns you love. Life is too short for shitty yarn). I dove into some deep stash for the SpringTastic Socks KAL, then placed a Knit Picks order for both of the Great Northern KALs.

For the Cherry Pie KAL, I've got the Knit Picks Swish in "Squirrel Heather" and "Hot Tamale". I have very cleverly gone completely off-script for this KAL and instead of a zippered cardigan, I will be knitting a skirt! I have all the numbers figured out, and I'm super looking forward to it. Plus, look at how much that Hot Tamale pops!

For the From Another Place KAL, I will be knitting the crop top version in the Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in "Inverness" and "Pearlescent," with the yarn held double. I'm loving all the greens and blues in that Inverness, and I'm super excited to get it on my torso.

Finally, for the Holla Knits! SpringTastic Socks KAL, I am using one lone ball of Patons North America Kroy Stripes in "Sailor Stripes." I love the bright colors in this yarn, and I'm thrilled to finally knit it up.

In terms of knitting order, I'm working on From Another Place right now, and once that's done I'll cast on for Cherry Pie, since they require the same needles. I'm taking my time with SpringTastic and generally working on them whenever I need a break from the larger projects.

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  1. I cannot wait to see how this skirt comes out. It sounds like the perfect pattern hack!