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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Scrappy Cowl

Yesterday I had to get a crown put in, so I brought my Cherry Pie skirt to work on, since it's still an endless ocean of stockinette in the round right now. When I got home from the dentist, I really didn't feel like doing too much, so after a nap I switched over to my scrappy cowl for a bit of variety.

I'm loving this cowl so much-I've been saving up my Rios scraps forever with the hope of getting enough for a long cowl, and when I finally weighed them last weekend I had 224g, so I dove right in. I've been wanting an Amazing Seed Stitch Wrap for ages, but I haven't been able to commit to colors yet, so this is like a mini cowl version with the colors already selected. It's definitely renewed my interest for colorblocked seed stitch though, and I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and choose colors for a wrap version soon.

My cowl is 47sts wide, and I think it'll end up around nine inches wide and 50-60 inches long. So far I'm absolutely smitten by how the Rios knits up in seed stitch that I don't mind only getting a couple inches done at a time-each finished stripe is it's own little accomplishment, and it's so fun to finally use up this bowl of scraps.


  1. Oh that is going to be a gorgeous cowl. It looks lovely in the picture so I can imagine it's 200 times better in person!

    Hope the crowning went well!

  2. scrappy projects really can be so satisfying, can't they??? Love this cowl!

  3. that is already such a beautiful cowl! Smart planning to be saving Rios scraps for it.

  4. bummer about the crown (unless it's a tiara). Love rios and it's such a squishy fiber to knit with the cowl is perfect for that :)

  5. That cowl is going to be gorgeous, the colours work beautifully together.