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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Last To-Do

That's it. That's the last of the Giftmas yarn to be knit up. I have a swatch, I have a plan, and it will be done in time.

Mind you, there's still a couple of other things to do-a button sewn on here, a face embroidered onto a stuffy there. But this is the last actual knitting that needs to be done by Giftmas. (I'm also trying to see if I can get my Drift finished in time to wear, but that's technically less of a priority than actual gift knitting.)

I also have a pile of non-knitting stuff that needs doing. I have eighteen quarts of cocoa mix to make, and for those of you who struggle with conceptualizing volume like I do, that's about half a grocery cart of ingredients. It's a lot. I also have chex mix to make, and cookies to bake, and a new little flick is coming out this weekend that my family wants to go to.

What about you all? Have a lot left to go on your holiday to-do list?


  1. Good luck! I decided this year to avoid (most) gift knitting and am buying all of my gifts. I don't do that often and it's weird - I'm regretting that plan now. Granted, I decided that community knitting was more important to me this year, and after 3 years of gift knitting for everyone, I think they need a break from it!

    Granted, I'm celebrating Christmas in April this year (can't get home in December this year), so I'll probably wind up knitting stuff for them anyways. :D

    Good luck with your gift knitting! I hope you get everything finished!

  2. I'm so impressed with how on top of your gift knitting you are! And envious of everyone that you gifting the hot coca mix to, I love edible gifts like that. Thoughtful and totally useful.

  3. You are an inspiration with your gift knitting! I need to remember about the hot cocoa mix as a gift next year.

  4. I am very impressed! I'm still in the thick of it... A lot of Christmas knitting plans were changed! But I think I can get the revised list done :) good luck with the cocoa mix!

  5. you can do it!!! Lovely yarn :)