Rules for Feeding the Stash

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Yellow Sweater

1. I am having a total blast knitting up this yarn. The color is so aggressively bright, and it is so soft, and I can't wait for it to be a sweater and on my body.

2. I am enjoying being challenged by a pattern. Usually, if I run into trouble, it's because I don't read the pattern, not because the project is on the right side of difficult. Not so here, this is one tough pattern.

3. I am enjoying not being able to have anything complicated on television while I'm working on this sweater. I completely understand being two weeks behind on all my shows, and I appreciate the short break from engaging television.

4. I am very glad to have next week off from work so I can do nothing else but watch Murder, She Wrote and work on this sweater.

5. I have been assured that while I may feel some frustration during the knitting of this sweater, the finished project is worth it. May it be worth it.


  1. I am quite positive, it will be worth it. :) Usually my most challenging knits become my favorite!

  2. Glorious colour! Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. There are always lessons to be learnt from each project, it seems. Also, love a cheeky bit of Murder, She Wrote!! Hee hee! :) x

  3. It certainly is a happy yellow. It'll be a great pop of colour this winter.

  4. You're certainly getting past the hardest part of the sweater, after the join things seem to make more sense and you'll be able to cruise through it!

  5. I love this colour!! I'm excited to see how your sweater turns out, you've really been a sweater knitting machine lately!

  6. I love that yellow!! so cheerful and saturated :)