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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: The Year in Review

Wow, 2015 has been such an incredible year! I finished an amazing 51 things this year-and quite a few of them were design samples! I had a soft goal to release 12 patterns this year, but I managed a spectacular 19, and totally blew myself out of the water!

I opened up the year with Fingercuffs, and it feels pretty nice to have almost closed out the year with Fingercuffs Worsted. I like that my mitts hold almost all of my other patterns from this year between them, like all the patterns are getting a big hug.

I published five cowl patterns (Vera, Inter-Cardinal, Pelligan, Kermit, Roco Loop), which would easily be my biggest category if it wasn't for the six hats that I flung out into the world (Josey, Odiorne, Hampton, Gorham, Portsmouth, Sporange)! Four of those hats were from my first collection, Granite, and I had so much fun putting that together. It was a great project, I learned a lot, and I'm looking forward to putting together some other collection ideas in the future.

Three shawls (Jeyna, Tessa, Nelumbo) got released as well-including my first collaboration with The Dyeing Arts!

I released my second garment pattern, Cam Tee. I loved putting this one together, and with one top under my belt, I'm ready to start attacking the queue of sweater ideas I have planned.

I definitely had a lot of fun this year, and I learned a lot. Instead of setting a number goal again for next year, I'm planning on focusing more on garments, and I definitely would like to have a pattern submission accepted by a publication. This year was such a great roller coaster of new experiences, I can't wait to see what 2016 will be like! I already have one pattern ready to go on Friday (ring in the New Year right!), so next year's already off to a great start.

In terms of all my other knitting, I got a pretty decent variety of things:

I knit four and a half garments this year-sweaters for my mum and myself, my Cam Tee sample, and Battleship. The "half" is my lengthened No Boyfriend Sweater-I'll have to post about the updates soon, but it's definitely more wearable now, and because of that it totally counts as a 2015 FO!

Ten shawls this year, which is a bit above average. I didn't do much in laceweight this year though, which is unusual for me. I knit my friend's table runner for their wedding, and I started Mottled Daydream, but other than that I worked more in thicker yarns. I've been snatching up lace and fingering weights lately though, so hopefully the new year will see more lighter projects.

I only knit a sad three pairs of socks this year, and two of those were gifts! In fact, the only pair for me would probably still be on the needles, if I hadn't needed those needles for Anemone's Giftmas present! I have a ton of sock yarn stashed up, so I definitely want to try to knit more socks next year, which means going to more movies, yay!


  1. Wow you did so much! I love your Fingercuffs pattern, they look so cosy. Amazing socks also! :)

  2. Holy cow, 51 (!!!!!!) projects blows my mind! So impressive! And all of them lovely (but secretly the accidental sweater is my fave ;))

  3. and a bunch of those were SWEATERS!!! Crazy amazing!!! (I loved your reference to projects reaching 'critical mass' on my blog....SOOSOO agree!)

  4. so many amazing projects, I'm blown away! And so many new designs, too- you have had an amazing 2015, it's pretty amazing! And you know how much I love that stripey sweater. ;)