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Monday, December 7, 2015

FO: Accidental Stripes

I am so happy with this sweater! It really came together well, and I only had to rip back and change things a couple of times. I chose to use the numbers for A Cropped Sweater for Winter because she really knows sweater construction and I knew it would be a really straightforward and easy knit, and I'm familiar enough with her patterns and construction to know I could modify the heck out of it and not get lost.

I knew I wanted to lengthen the body to hip length. The body was actually two stripes shorter the first time I bound off, but it hit at a weird point, and I knew it was going to ride up some, so I undid the bindoff and added two more stripes.

The sleeves really worried me for a while. Initially I had planned to introduce a third color in the sleeves, but I ended up not liking how it looked and ripped them back. Then I was worried about how long the sleeves would end up. Fortunately, they're the perfect length-this is the length I usually cuff my sleeves to, so go me!

I also totally changed the sleeve shaping. Instead of decreasing 4sts every third row, I halved that, which gives me a really loose upper sleeve before tapering down to fit my forearm. At some angles it looks baggy, but it's so comfortable, and it gives me room to wear a t-shirt under it if I want instead of a tank. For this sweater, I'm all about comfort, and the sleeves are definitely comfortable, and I'm glad I didn't go more tailored.

Ravelry Page: Accidental Stripes
Pattern: A Cropped Sweater for Winter by Andi Satterlund
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted

The Mods:
I removed 2 rows before underarm increases
The body stripes are 8 rows wide-I carried yarn down right side, tacking down every 4 rows
For fit I only co 4sts for each underarm
I wanted it looser up top and more fitted below the bust, so I did all waist decreases, then knit six rounds plain, then just two sets of increase rounds for lower torso
Increased length to hit at hip
For the cuffs, neck, and waist: knit one round blue, then seven rounds 1x1 rib in blue
pick up 70sts around arm opening
dec 2sts every 3rd row 15x
knit sleeve cap in blue
16 rounds red
8 rounds blue
8 rounds red
4 rounds blue
4 rounds red
4 rounds blue
4 rounds red
cuffs blue


  1. Oh it looks fantastic! I love the colours, and especially how you changed up the stripes for the sleeves. So cool! It does look very cozy too - I'm working on a sweater right now and debating fitted sleeve vs. loose sleeve, and I'm leaning more toward loose. We'll see how it goes.

    Man, I want to steal your sweater! Maybe I'll have to copy you - immitation (duplication?) is a form of flattery, right? :D

  2. This looks SO good! You did an awesome job, I hope you're proud :D So flattering and cute and well-fitting. Excellent work missy!

  3. I know an awesome Mod Monday when I see one! This is spectacular, I love all your mods, and the stripes are perfect.

  4. Oooh this sweater is simply spectacular! I love it so much (also I'm a sucker for striped sweaters)!