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Friday, December 4, 2015

FO: Mum's Rocky Coast Cardigan

It's done! I"m so glad to have this off the needles in time to get started on gift knitting-and done just in time for the snow to arrive! This sweater should not have taken me so long to finish, but I'm so happy with how it came out. The fabric is absolutely stunning, and I totally love the landscape of the sweater-that grey tweed in those cables is absolutely swoon-worthy!

I knit the whole thing almost according to the pattern-I added just a couple of inches to the length, and I ignored the spacing of the sleeve decreases as written and made up my own (because I'm a rebel who doesn't read patterns). But I'm ultimately very happy with it. The sweater is just a bit tight on me here, but my mum is a couple inches smaller than I am, and it fits her beautifully.

Ravelry Page: Rocky Coast Cardigan


  1. What a stunning sweater! Your Mom is a lucky woman. :) I think you found the perfect yarn and colourway for this pattern too - the cables and tweedy flecked grey is a lovely combination!

  2. Swoon-worthy indeed, such a stunning cardigan!

  3. Gorgeous sweater! Love everything about it.

  4. This FO deserves a standing ovation! Beautiful, Kat!

  5. It's beautiful!! I love the texture of the Rocky Coast cardi, and what an awesome gift- your mom is lucky!