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Friday, December 11, 2015

New Pattern: Roco Loop

Happy Friday, friends! Today I am so pleased to send Roco Loop out into the wild!

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite cowls-I love the cheerful colors and the reversible cabled fabric, it's big enough to fit over my head without messing up my hair, and it's thick and wide enough to still be a serious wind barrier.

I already talked a little about how I was inspired by Late Baroque design for this cowl, and I'm immensely pleased with how that inspiration translated into a modern, wearable piece.

And, because I know that several of you are procrastiknitters (I feel you, the struggle is real!), this is an incredible last-minute gift idea. The sample took me about two long afternoons worth of knitting, so I'm sure you could bang one out in a weekend if you needed to.

As always, the pattern includes both charts and written instructions, and is available on Ravelry or in the wayward knitter pattern store here.

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  1. beautiful cowl is such a pretty colorway and I do enjoy your photo shoots :) very pretty!!