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Monday, November 16, 2015

WIP: Roco Loop

I'm going to go on record and say that Malabrigo Rasta is the best cowl yarn ever. It's chunky, warm, the colors are amazing, and it shows texture beautifully (and it knits up really darn fast). I grabbed these two skeins in Arco Iris back in March during my trip to Minneapolis, and I've been toying with different cowl ideas for them since then.

The more I looked at the yarn, the more the colors reminded me of the bright colors in Rococo design, and I wanted to play on that and do something reminiscent of late Baroque scrollwork. I love this cable pattern so much, and it has the added bonus of being reversible! (I love it when cowls are reversible, it's like sprinkles on top of a sundae).

This is going super fast-I've been using it as a palette cleanser between sleeve sessions with Mum's sweater. I managed to churn out the last few rows in the sweater on Wednesday though, so this thing should be done in a flash! I'm planning on putting together a pattern for it for early December-just in time for any last-minute gift knits, because like I said, this stuff knits up fast.


  1. I so hear you, Malabrigo Rasta is so squishy soft! that is indeed going to be a fabulous cowl.

  2. Malabrigo rocks. I made a buttoned cowl in the colourway Laguna Negra.

  3. I've never knit with this yarn myself but it looks fantastic! I love the colours so much, really perfect for autumn.

  4. hmm, I don't knit with big yarn but you are compelling me to make an exception!! love the colorway!!