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Monday, November 23, 2015

Tiny Squares

Winter has finally (and suddenly) come to South Dakota. Usually, we get a few "practice snows" starting in mid-October, and more permanent stuff doesn't come until later. But on Friday we got walloped with about eight inches of the stuff, and it's sticking around. Not that I'm complaining, I love winter, but it's certainly been a change from the mild weather we've been having the last few weeks.

Anyway, on to knitting stuff. I've been wanting to make a blanket from my sock scraps almost since I started knitting socks. I love scrap quilts and blankets, and I love the thought of all my knitting memories in one handy blanket. I'm a huge snuggle bum, and I love wrapping up in a special blanket and cuddling the dogs and knitting or reading.

I knit my first square for this back in September, but it's finally starting to look like an actual something. I have no clue how big it's going to ultimately end up-I'd like at least a queen-size blanket, so this is definitely going to be a huge undertaking. I have plenty of sock scarps already, and since most of my stash is fingering-weight, I'm not really too worried about having to stop adding squares anytime soon.


  1. Seems like everyone is getting snow except for me! Send some my way will you? I love this sock yarn blankets so much, if I hadn't already 'committed' (this means knit a couple of hexipuffs) to the beekeepers quilt, I'd cast on one myself.

  2. What a glorious scrappy project! This is looking marvellous :) x