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Friday, November 6, 2015

A Different Kind of Project

As I mentioned last week, my left thumb was recently trapped in an immobilizer for a few days. It felt like a pulled tendon, and it's all back to normal now, so I'm glad I was good and took several days off knitting. I can't, however, sit still without something crafty in my lap, and you really only need one thumb for needlepoint, so I decided to start a cross stitch project I've been thinking about for a while.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it here before or not, but I have been a huge Lord of the Rings nerd for most of my life. As in, I have the movies memorized, I used to be fluent in Quenya, I have multiple copies of all the books, I have the soundtracks memorized (and I sing along during the movies), I wrote novel-length LOTR fanfiction, and really, I've just been a ginormous dork about it for about fourteen years or so.

So of course I decided to plan some cross stitch and embroidery pieces based on images from the series. My ultimate dream is to embroider a six-foot wide map of Middle Earth to hang above my headboard, but that's a ways off. (There are giant unrealistic projects, and then there's a freaking tapestry of Middle Earth made by one person who only knows like four stitches.)

So here's my little Tree of Gondor so far. I'm using this chart, and I've been having a blast with it so far. Once it's done it will either hang on my wall or get displayed on my bookshelf. It's so cute and charming and I'm utterly delighted, and now I'm really excited to get it finished so I can start a matching Doors of Durin.


  1. That looks beautiful! The Tree of Gondor has always been one of my favourite symbols from the LOTR universe, even though it's a Rohan Banner that flies over my living room.

    I totally get your Tolkien fandom. I've collected my own special editions of the books as well, just as I've hoarded some little trinkets (I wasn't kidding about that banner). The world of Middle Earth (and Valinor and etc) is just a story treasure trove that keeps on giving.

    I think both the Tree and the Doors of Durin patterns (would) work well as a cross stitch project. Looking forward to see it when you've finished stitching!

  2. Oooo! It's so pretty! I've only just recently gotten interested in LotR because of the recent Hobbit movies (ATE the book after watching the first movie, and am nearly done the LotR books - SO GOOD WHY DIDN'T I READ THESE YEARS AGO?!). I've already been sucked badly into fandom too. :D I love the Doors of Durin! I want to knit that so badly!

    Can't wait to see how your tree turns out - it's lovely. :)

  3. Looks at your beautiful stitching!
    I too am a huge LoTR fan as well. Can't get enough of it. I think I need to copy you and your stitching.