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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Holiday Bazaar Swag

I mentioned that last weekend I went to a Holiday Bazaar in the city, so I thought I'd show off my loot! The bazaar is a huge event-it takes up all three floors of a huge church, and it's got food, woodworking, handcrafts, thrift items, and craft supplies. It's a craft fair and thrift store all in one, and it's always easy to find a bunch of stuff.

Most of my damage was done in the book room and the craft area. I found a copy of the Reader's Digest Guide to Needlework, which now has a great home on my crafting bookshelf. I love me a good craft reference book, and the Reader's Digest ones are great-complete with fantastic illustrations, plus they're so wide they always lay flat, which is a huge help!

I also hit up the yarn room. The four spools on the right are cotton crochet thread, and I'm planning on knitting a striped summer top with them. I love my Ella knit from cotton crochet thread, and it's a great material for summer knits, especially if you get hot really easily like I do! The skeins on the left were from a grab bag. They're all a pretty standard lace weight, virgin wool, 50g each. I'm hoping that those three pinks I can coax to work well together for a shawl or wrap, and the fourth skein is a dark green, and I have no idea what that might be yet.


  1. Oooh so much prettiness! Seems like a very succesful day for purchasing lovely goodies :)

  2. Great score. That bazaar sounds like fun.

  3. Sounds fun! Love that pink yarn :)

  4. Nice loot! I'm excited about that book - I have the Readers Digest sewing book, and it's fantastic. I hope the needlework book is just as good. :)