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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIP: White Garter Stitch

Great Northern

Before I talk about my boring white garter stitch, I'd like to encourage you all to check out the Kickstarter for Great Northern. I love this whole collection so much, and I can see where every sweater would fit in my wardrobe (I've been making grabby hands at Too Dreamy for weeks, and I could easily wear My Log Does Not Judge with leggings for a week and be perfectly happy). If you see just one pattern you like, I encourage you to preorder it with a $5 pledge (or higher, if you can, and if you like the whole collection), because I think it's important to support projects like this.

But onward to my own project: this is a secret project-the recipient doesn't know I'm making them something. So all I'm going to say for now is that someone I care about just had something happen in their lives that I feel is deserving of something nice being knit, so I am knitting it.

I can't wait to tell you more about this once the recipient has it (they see this blog, so I'm being a little careful). For now, I can tell you that it's several feet of garter stitch. "Several" meaning taller than an average (or even above average) man. I think. I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants here. However much it is, it's an awful lot.

This yarn is delicious. For reasons that will become clear when the veil of secrecy is lifted, I'm using Peace Silk, which has been a lot of fun to play with, but has the downfall of being snaggy and uneven. I'm rolling with it though, and I'm loving the effect of this yarn in the garter stitch. It's exactly as I'm imagining it so far, and I'd be a lot happier with it if it wasn't just feet upon feet of garter stitch in fingering-weight yarn on US5 needles. But then I get to squish that lovely silk garter stitch in my hands, and that makes it all the more bearable.

Hopefully this will be done next week-I was hoping to get it finished in September, but the thing with ridiculous self-imposed deadlines is that sometimes you end up biting off more than you can chew and the deadlines whoosh by. It happens.

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  1. Ooooh rows and rows of garter stitch! Mindful (or mindless! :P ) knitting is always fun - perfect for marathoning TV shows too :)