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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pattern: Gorham

Gorham is the first pattern in my collection, and it was the pattern that started the whole project. I had this stitch pattern stuck in my head, and it reminded me of the summer camp I went to for many years in Gorham, NH. This stitch pattern reminded me of mountains and pine trees, and the mix of ribbing and lace would definitely make this a perfect hat to wear at summer camp.

This hat is meant to bring back your fondest camp memories-old friends, new friends, campfires, stargazing, blisters, scraped knees, toilet paper fights, and the unspeakable peace that comes from being completely disconnected from the world for a week or two. Gorham’s ribbed lace pattern is meant to evoke the mountains and pine trees of my own camp memories, and the hat is meant to be perfect for any activity-either at camp or in your daily life.

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1 comment:

  1. It looks like the hat has the perfect, comfy shape! And I do like that stitch pattern, too :)