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Monday, September 21, 2015

FO: Ptarmigan

This is a really old FO-I knit this cowl for Anemone back in May for graduation, and we only just got around to getting photos a couple weeks ago. I decided to knit her something approximately 4 days before graduation, because hey, finishing college is a big freaking deal.

I had gotten this yarn in a swap-Anemone really liked mint, so I was planning on making her something with it, but I didn't really know what. There was just one ball of the stuff, and I only had a couple of days to make something special. After some Ravelry crawling, I came across Ptarmigan. I love the finished result-the pattern and color are both perfect for her, and the cowl was really enjoyable to knit. It only took two days, which was perfect.

Of course, I had to give it to her right as summer was starting, but it will start to get cooler again pretty soon. This project really was a charming little instant-gratification knit, and I'm enormously pleased with the end result.

Ravelry Page: Ptarmigan
Pattern: Ptarmigan by Jared Flood
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport "Arctic Moss"


  1. This was a very nice gift for your friend. What a unique name she has.

  2. beautiful cowl and I know your friend LOVES it :)

  3. Graduation certainly is a great occasion for a knitted gift, and I really like the mint colour too!