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Friday, September 25, 2015

Stash Enhancement: NCFF Edition!

I totally failed to mention any of my acquisitions from NCFF in my recap post! I showed some admirable restraint, and only got a few things, but they're pretty fantastic things. So without further ado, here's some pretty yarn!

I got two skeins from Roundabout Yarn. They're both in her Podium base, which is a 75/25 SW Merino/Nylon blend. And at a generous 463yds per 100g, I'm hoping to get some really pretty knits out of them. The colorways up there are "Smokey Granite" and "Bonfire," but it was really hard to choose from all of the gorgeous skeins at that booth.

I also picked up some mini skeins from The Dyeing Arts. I started knitting up my sock leftovers into a blanket, and I decided it would be fun to get some new yarns to throw in it as well. The colors I grabbed are "Rose Rust," "Desert Flower," "All That Glitters," "Smaller On the Outside," and "Scottish Thistle." I can't wait to see how they all knit up, but I should probably wait and spread them throughout my blanket a bit. Or not-we'll see how it goes :) 


  1. oooh, you picked such beautiful yarn to bring home with you!! I adore those mini skeins.

  2. What cool yarn color combinations! Good choices!

  3. Pretty! A girl can never have too much yarn!

  4. Those are some pretty yarns indeed, amazing stash enhancement!!

  5. Great finds! I love that bonfire colourway. :)