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Monday, September 7, 2015

Pattern: Odiorne

For several months I'd been toying with the idea of a hat just covered in nupps. I did some sketching, some swatching, and while I was always charmed by the results it didn't really go anywhere until I started planning this collection. Gorham and Hampton were really easy to plan, and I was toying with what other towns I wanted to include when the idea of a nupp-covered hat popped into my head again. This time, I realized that it felt just like how I remembered Odiorne Point State Park-pebbles, barnacles, and seashells everywhere, little snails clinging to every rock, and tide pools filled with mussels.

I would spend hours exploring-I filled buckets with all the rocks and shells I picked up, and I never tired of seeing a rock encrusted with barnacles and snails. In a similar spirit, this hat embodies all the little joys in life-small collectibles picked up during everyday adventures, the spirit of exploration, and the excitement of finding something new in a familiar landscape. This is a hat for observing the special moments in an ordinary day, and for finding fun wherever you may be.

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  1. gorgeous! and I love the yarn you picked :)

  2. Such a lovely hat - I love how all of the patterns in this collection together. :) You're a good designer!

  3. Gorgeous design! I'm a fan of all your designs! I also love the yarn.

  4. Nupps! No wonder I love it so much. Definitely going to have to make this one!