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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NCFF Recap

I had such a great time at NCFF this year. This was my first time going for the whole fair-three years ago I went for Saturday only, but this year I decided I needed a real break and went for all three days. It was so worth it-I had an amazing cabin site, I met some incredible people, and I saw some fantastic vendors.

My cabin was on a lake just a few miles from the fair. It was a nice little getaway in the middle of the country, and the perfect place to stay for a few days. I was right on the lake, so I got to hear fish surfacing all weekend, and I had a phenomenal view from my porch.

The fair itself was the complete opposite of my reclusive getaway: there were tons of fellow crafters and vendors and instructors. I took just one class-Saori Weaving on Saturday afternoon. It was a lot of fun-Saori Weaving is "freestyle weaving" and focuses on the human and the imperfect, so we basically got to play with looms for three hours. I've been toying with the idea of getting a loom for a few years now, and now I'm definitely in favor of having one in the house.

There were plenty of animals in the barn as well-two pens of sheep, plus two alpacas. They were so much fun-and so fluffy! I also got to talk to an alpaca farmer, and I am sorely tempted to the way of the fiber farm. I'm definitely not ready for it yet, but I would not be surprised if in twenty years I start collecting fluffy animal friends.

I also had the surreal experience of seeing one of my patterns out in the wild. The Dyeing Arts' booth had kits for Nelumbo, and while it was totally cool to see it at a fiber fair and to have people expressing interest in it, it was also pretty intimidating. But mostly cool. I'm still processing it all.


  1. that makes you famous if your pattern is out there in public :) congrats :) lovely photos and I wish I was there as well.

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful time!

  3. wow, it looks so amazing- I'm glad you took the time to stay for the 3 days, it looks like it was really worth it!

  4. So awesome to see your pattern at the fair!
    Alpacas apparently do pretty well up here in the Yukon, and there's a few farms of them around. I've already put my partner on notice that someday down the road, when we buy property out of town, we might wind up with an alpaca or two. They'll be useful! Not only for their fibre and cute-factor, but they could be...trained as guard alpacas! Yeah, that'll work. :D