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Monday, September 29, 2014

Numbers on a Monday

1. I think I'm hitting a wall with the Marion KAL. I really want to be done with the body, but I can't make myself knit it. I keep getting distracted by other stuff.

2. Renovation is still going. Stuff got moved to the storage unit Saturday, so I really just need to clean up after myself and get some furniture moved (and buy a rug, I keep forgetting about that).

3. I barely knit anything this weekend-all day Saturday was spent alternating between getting mice out of the garage, being sick, and moving stuff to the storage unit. Then Sunday was spent baking and being sick. Hopefully I'm feeling better now and can get some real knitting done today.

4. Havina is off the needles and just waiting for a blocking. She's going to be pretty big, though, and I don't think she'll fit on on the bed, so I might have to get creative.

5. There's a baby coming in six weeks that doesn't have a blanket yet.  Whoops.

6. But I have a vacation in two weeks. Nine glorious days without having to go to my day job. Just me, the dogs, a couple books, an impressive Netflix queue, and a whole lot of yarn.

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