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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Numbers on a Saturday Because Why Not

1. Got a box from Knit Picks in the mail today! It's got Xmas yarn:
and yarn for the Fall Marion KAL:
the color is really tricky to photograph on that one, here's a better idea of it:
I really like this color, and I think the cables will look really nice in it. Now I just need to print off the pattern, save a backup copy to my phone (less likely to lose that one), swatch, and wait until Wednesday.

2. Which won't be hard because I'm going to be busy the next few days! Anemone and I have a tradition where the weekend before my birthday I drive up to the city to see her and we have lunch and hang out and get into shenanigans. That'll take up almost all of tomorrow.

3. And if I'm not here tomorrow, I need to bake brownies today.

4. I need to check my gluten-free baking book and see what I need to make carrot cake for Tuesday. I also need to find a good recipe for cream cheese frosting, if my book doesn't have one.

5. Speaking of Tuesday, that's the last day to get 20% off either Peony or Epidemic (or both!) with coupon code "HB24"

6. I dyed a mini skein in leftover water after my mum boiled beets the other night. It didn't come out quite how I expected, but I think I like it all right:
Again, the color is crazy difficult to photograph. It's kind of a camel-y tan, and I'll have to find something that coordinates with it.

7. I think that's everything I have for you guys right now, so I'm going to start the brownies and see if I can find the right size needles to swatch for Marion.

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